пятница, 5 мая 2017 г.

Short Story Writing
Is your pen truly mighty?

Write a story starting it with the words "One evening, when I was strolling along a grim London backstreet, I ....."

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  1. Анонимный5 мая 2017 г., 12:37

    One evening, when I was strolling along a grim London backstreet I understood, that I got lost. The sky darkened, and wet mist shuted down. I was scared.
    Suddenly I noticed a little cafe. I felt cold and hungry and I got into this cafe. It was decorated as in the Middle Ages. There was a fire in the large grate, and I could see armours in the corners.
    Waiters offered me a delicious dinner. I ate pork chops and chips, Yorkshire pudding and different desserts and drank traditional English tea.
    A Scottish pipe was playing loudly and people started to dance Irish dances. It was very funny.
    I looked at my watch and understood, that it was too late. I decided to return to my home. When I came out of the cafe I saw a cab. It was waiting for me. I got into this cafe and then .... I woke up. I was lying in my bed. It ws just my dream, but very tasty. Aleksandra Kornejchik

  2. Анонимный5 мая 2017 г., 13:04

    One evening when I was strolling along a grim backstreet of London I passed by an old building of a hospital. It was a really frightening and spine-chilling place. What's more, it was really dark in the street and there weren't any street lights. I was going home as fast as I could. And everything was fine until I heard a strange noice that sounded as someone was moaning. I was so scared of this noise! My legs and hands were shaking and I was trying to run home as fast as I could. I thought that it could be a murderer or a thief. And suddenly I saw a pair of two yellow eyes. It was something really small and shaggy. I took my phone and switched on the flashlight. And I saw that it was a little cute puppy! It was really dirty and I decided to take it home. My mother saw the puppy and immediately took him into the bathroom. After the bath we fed the puppy and laid it to sleep. We decided to call it Rocky. Nastya Matiushonok

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